Contemporary Worship Coordinator Job Description
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Last Revised: November 2011

1. Strong relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. Understanding of Contemporary Worship, both in a non-liturgical setting and effectively incorporating elements of Lutheran liturgy, traditions and feast days, where appropriate.
3. Vocal leadership, helping and encouraging congregation participation.
4. Ability to read sheet music. Instrumental musicianship a plus, but not required.
5. Team leadership; ability to work with staff members and volunteers.

1. Prior Experience in Contemporary Worship Leadership (team or individual).
2. Related Training through Conference(s)/Event(s) involving Contemporary Worship.
3. Christian Education through Confirmation and/or Adult Bible Study.
4. High School diploma or equivalent required; College a plus.

1. Following Pastor's direction, plan weekly Order of Service for Contemporary Worship Service.
2. Choose all music for Contemporary Worship Services. Selection considerations include the theme of the day and Pastor's sermon. Resources include but are not limited to: Sundays & Seasons, St. Stephen's contemporary worship files, ELW, congregational requests, and personal knowledge.
3. Direct Contemporary Worship Service musicians, including staff and volunteers. Where there is appropriate gifting, develop a band, or seek outside musicians, and lead in rehearsals so as to produce a quality sound.
4. Provide Vocal Worship Leadership for all Contemporary Worship Services. May include other singers according to gifts. Instrumental Accompaniment optional.
5. Provide Spoken Worship Leadership similar to that of an Assisting Minister to introduce, tie together, or close worship.
6. Communicate necessary information to Church Secretary in a timely manner for preparation of supporting videos, visuals, bulletin, etc.
7. Ensure that all CCLI documentation, fees, requirements are in compliance.
8. Participate in scheduled Worship Committee meetings and be accountable therein.
9. Purchase materials and/or equipment as needed, conservatively and as approved by Church Council, using Praise Service budget.
10. Attend at least one Continuing Education event per year.
11. Expected hours per week: 8

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