We invite everyone into the fullness of God's love -- regardless of race, creed, color, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, physical or mental ability, immigration status or station in life.

10828 N. Huron Street

Northglenn, CO 80234


Office hours - "By Appointment"

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It has come to our attention that someone impersonating Pastor Mandy has made requests over text message for gift cards. This is not Pastor Mandy. She will never make requests like this, and certainly never over text message or email.

Unfortunately this is very common within the wider church, and likely among non-profit organizations. These people are counting on you being generous and eager to help in any situation where need is present.

Our Mission

As a community, we know that Jesus is Lord, everybody is somebody, and faith is living in God's grace. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we strive to love and to be God's hands on earth.

We welcome everyone to come explore with us what it means to be God's hands on earth.


The Season after Pentecost, also called Ordinary Time, begins the day after Pentecost and ends the day before the First Sunday of Advent. It may include twenty–three to twenty–eight Sundays, depending on the date of Easter, but the first Sunday is always Trinity Sunday, and the last Sunday is always the Sunday of the Reign of Christ or Christ the King. The season also includes All Saints and Thanksgiving



Special Services are being planned

Additional information regarding ELCA Rocky Mountain communities of faith and the return to our church buildings can be found HERE.

A City of Northglenn Virtual Hug for St. Stephen's. Check out https://northglenn.org/news_detail_T17_R323.php.

Activity and Worship Schedule

Regular Sunday ZOOM Worship

9:00 a.m.

Pastor: Rev. Mandy Achterberg

Blood Pressure Checks - First Sunday of the Month (Note: BP checks are suspended until our faith community can once again meet in person)

Things to look forward to in September:

  • Outdoor worship Sept 20th

  • Thursday Evening Bible Study beginning Sept 17th at 7pm

  • Beginning September 27th
    Faith Formation Forum: A Continually Renewing Church
    5 weeks exploring the history of the church leading up to the Reformation and where God might be calling us today

Note: Service times for feast days and celebrations will be posted as they arise.

What are services like?

Check out our service bulletins on this Page. This will show the order of worship. Our faith community is currently worshiping through the virtual world of ZOOM. If you would like to join us please contact Pastor Mandy ( pastor@sslu.org ) to receive the link, meeting ID, and password necessary to join our services. Have a blessed day!!!
If your technology is just a phone you may call in to one of these numbers with the Meeting ID and Password:
If you access ZOOM this way you will need the meeting ID number and password. If your calling plan charges you for long-distance call, you will be charged that rate during the call.

How should I dress?

A lot of people, women and men, will be wearing jeans. You will see people in shorts when the weather is warm. A few men wear a suit or blazer and a button-down shirt with dockers. Some women will wear skirts or capris and dresses while a couple of others will be wearing their Sunday finest sometimes topped off by an amazing hat. You are an individual your choice of church wear can be just as individually defining.

How is Communion done virtually?

Sunday Communion

During the service, Pastor Mandy will invite you to lift elements as she says the words of institution. If you do not desire to take communion for whatever reason, that is just fine, Pastor Mandy will offer a blessing for you as well.
Click Here for two bread recipes, both hail from two of our seven ELCA seminaries. The one from Luther Seminary is wonderful and fairly easy to make, but not recommended for those with gluten sensitivity. The one from LTSS is also quite wonderful, a bit more involved, but perfect for anyone needing a gluten free bread.

The children?

We welcome children in worship as vital members of the body of Christ. All children are invited to attend worship with their parents or guardians and sit near the front so they can see something other than the backs of adults! A cry room/nursery is located just outside the sanctuary. Parents/guardians are welcome to walk with their children or to utilize the cry room/nursery as needed. Children's activity bags are available at the entrance to the sanctuary. For safety's sake, we must insist that parents/caregivers accompany younger children if they leave the sanctuary for any reason during worship.

What happens before and after services?

Sunday morning ZOOM gatherings are a time for both community building and worship. After Sunday morning service we offer ZOOM coffee and conversation as an opportunity for members and visitors to see and talk with each other about themselves and their involvement in the community.
Thank you for joining our community for worship and fellowship!!!
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