St. Stephen's Community of Faith (Church) Council

Scheduled meetings

The St. Stephen's Lutheran Church of Northglenn, Colorado Annual meeting was held on Sunday, January 31st immediately following worship. The Annual Report and Proposed Budget can be accessed below.


Please read the TWO letters below regarding Church Council Elections, Changes to the Constitution,

and the Annual Meeting.

November 11, 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

On 13 December 2020 the membership of St. Stephen's will be meeting after the service to elect Church Council members. This will be done on Zoom. For those of you who do not have the ability to do Zoom, we will be at the church from 12pm to 2pm to allow you to do drive through voting.

FIRST: We will be electing three members to the Council. To be on Council you must be a member of St. Stephen's and be willing to serve for two years. With the Pastor and the other Council members, your job will be to help guide the life and activities of St. Stephen's. If you are interested in being on Council, please contact Curt Williams or Pastor Mandy.

SECOND: We will be voting on the second approval for the changes to our Constitution. Many of these changes are required to align our Constitution with that of the ELCA. The link with the changes to our Constitution is below.


Curt Williams

President of St. Stephen's Church Council


November 11, 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

This letter is your call to the Annual Congregation meeting for St. Stephen's which will occur after the service on 17 January 2021. At this meeting we will:

1. Vote on the 2021 Spending Plan (our annual budget).

2. Do the final vote on the changes to our Constitution.

3. Choose one man and one woman plus alternates to be our representatives to the 2021 Rocky Mountain Assembly.

Your presence is needed to accomplish these things. We will be voting either on Zoom or by drive through at St. Stephen's from 12pm to 2pm on Sunday 17 January 2021.


Curt Williams

President of St. Stephen's Church Council

Council meetings

Council Meeting Agenda

May 24, 2020

10:30 Gather for meeting via Zoom

10:35 Call to Order with Prayer; Introductions, Agenda Additions

10:40 Secretary’s Report – corrections and approval to publish final draft

10:50 Continuing Business

  • Approved Cintas Repairs update

  • Renting ministries’ statuses

  • Switching from ADT to Holder Security for SSLC security system

Tabled Continuing Items

  • Updating of Continuing Resolutions – TABLED to June

  • Reconsideration of Constitution change: qualifications of prospective council members TABLED to June

  • Sara’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, postponed until we can gather in person

  • Paid staff performance reviews process: Sara, Joell, and MariAnne- TABLED

  • Council member responsibilities, & authority: Liaison communication-TABLED

10:55 Treasurer’s Report

11:05 Pastor’s Report

11:30 Break

11:35 New Business

  • New Finance Secretary – possibly ask Sara to fill in or take over duties

  • Start Dates and Compensation packages for Pastor Mandy

  • Pre-planning for modified gatherings for SSLC and sister congregations

12:20 Church Weather Report & Ministry Reports/Updates

  • Consideration of Publications Policy - TABLED

  • Church Oper. Handbook/Policies - TABLED, pending forthcoming drafts

12:20 Ministry Teams:

Congregation Life – Lois* & Karen* Outreach – Curt* & Pastor

Faith Exploration – Pastor Property – Phil*

Finance/SAS – Nancy* & Sharon* Worship & Music – Curt* & Frank*

Life Groups:

Community Garden Joy: Seniors’ Ministry Stephen Ministry

Grocery Cards L3 Book Club Women’s Ministry

Health & Wellness Men’s Ministry

12:30 Adjournment with Closing Prayer & Thank You to Pastor Ron

Next Bi-Weekly Zoom Meeting: June 14th, 2020; Lunch Coordinator: N/A *Council Liaison